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All about Autumn

Friday, November 7, 2014 - 14:58

It's all Autumnal...

in town, HC Gardens

in the country, HC Gardens

Autumn right now is about keeping on top of clearing down leaves and debris, and planting afresh in preparation for next year. Bulbs, perennials, new shrubs, topiary and trees. It's good to clear the decks ready for Winter.

Here's to a great November then - full of colour and design inspirations.

Autumn Look Book

Andy Goldsworthy Landart

Aurigae from depart

Treecups by Love Milo

Home by Peter McFarlane

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy

Cath Schneider

Autumn with colour

Tornado Water feature by William Pye

Architects : Approach Architecture Studio

Anish Kapoor

Andy Goldsworthy


Autumn heights

Pared-back Autumn

Woodland magic

Andy Goldsworthy Landart

Diphylleia grayi : woodland flowers that turn transparent in the rain

Next time on the blog : the results of our HC Gardens Autumn photo shoots (sneaky peek above). Have a very Autumnal weekend.

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Nature's treats

Friday, October 31, 2014 - 15:45

It's Halloween so here's our annual spooky blog full of treats from the natural world.

Today's been a scorcher with a mini heat wave across parts of the UK. Cracking weather for the 31st of October.

Spooky cats from around the web today

Chalkboard pumpkin

Halloween inspirations

Pumpkin patch

Wolf in a Birch forest

Fallen leaves

Pumpkin path

The Ghost bat

Fabulous Fruit bats

White Pumpkin & Limelight Hydrangea

Little Vampires

Ghost bat babies also known as False Vampire bats. They don't seem so scary.

Glamorous guordes

White Halloween

From a white wolf on a prairie to an arctic fox...

Inspired by last night's wonderful David Attenborough documentary on BBC : Life story. Catch it on iplayer. Amazing creatures, landscapes, cinematography and narrative.

Rescued wolf and fox friends

Pumpkin head

Spooky houses

Raven Spires, Glasgow, Scotland

Animalia : Henry Horenstein

Hungry Bear 

and are you ready for the scariest of them all... 

...Soup anyone?

Have a great autumnal weekend, with not too many tricks and lots of treats!

Nature's treats Source Book: Martha Stewart, Hendy Curzon Gardens, Watt pad, Pinterest, White Wolfpack, Minimalista, Henry Horenstein, inhabitat, indulgy, gardenista.

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Pure October

Thursday, October 30, 2014 - 09:26

Greetings! Say hello and wave goodbye to October then. It's been a great month but gone in a flash. It is positively brilliant that it has been so mild. We have been busy with projects, plus bulb planting season is upon us. We are three quarters a way through 12k bulbs, spread across all of our client's projects from the last 2 years. Some additions and tweaks on 2013 projects and all new bespoke schemes for 2014 garden and landscape installations. This week we thought we would share our October gardens updates being uploaded to our portfolio. All images have been taken over the course of the month. We hope it illustrates the longevity and possibilities of gardens that are designed to be enjoyed all year round. Here we champion October gardens - HC style...

Bespoke front of house 

Harvesting time

Bespoke gardens with personality

Bespoke bridge with black water pools at the Bield

Bringing outside in } from October gardens

Small spaces big ideas } October gardens

Sculpture Parterre garden project under construction this week

North End has some new tricks to reveal next year... we are quite excited about the elements we are about to install.

Vintage October gardens. Judge's House still stopping traffic this month.

Only a few sneaky peeks here of Lyme Cottage... the new kid on the block has a lot of vintage secrets and depths installed to reveal next year too...

Jardin in October

From the Contemporary Country garden & landscape project... sneaky peek from the Kitchen garden today.

October gardens. All of our projects are packed full of bespoke elements that are designed and installed to surprise - every month and season throughout the year.

October gardens by HC

Vintage style October gardens

Bespoke gardens with all the elements covered in house } HC Gardens October

The rain today made up for it's relative absence this month. The chaps on sites all took shelter but pursued as they always do, to ensure our client's gardens are created!

Coming soon... a very Contemporary Country garden, a Rough Luxe Townhouse garden, an Alice in Wonderland front of house installation and lot's more. We hope you'll join us.

Pure October Source Book: All images and Gardens - Hendy Curzon Gardens, Greetings Owl - David Wenham, Frog - Rebloggy.

A tribute to the Team : Darren, Jaimie, Sophie, Daniel, James, Tom & Tom, Ashley

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Shaded white

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - 17:26

"Never use pure white. It doesn't exist in nature." Aldro T Hibbard

Greetings and welcome to our day 5 design in colour exploration.

We are feeling quite all white :)

Shaded white : Colour schemes are arrangements of colours based upon colour systems. Most of us intuitively work towards colour choices and have our favourites and preferences. Over time our tastes change, but then often revert back to colour schemes that we think we have 'moved on' from.

Installation art : nature deconstruction - Maude Leonard Contant

We effectively 'cycle' through palettes over time. Colours we were once drawn to, then tire from, we may find creeping back into our design choices again. This is because colour stimulates us. We all need change, but there is still comfort in the familiar.

White can represent a clean slate, new beginnings, a fresh start - so every year around this time (when Autumn is often overwhelmingly impressive with colour) we look to Winter and the pared-back appeal of gardens and landscapes in it's setting.

By visualising designs and projects achromatically - composition, shape, form, definition, lighting, style, mood and contrast can all be considered and explored on an indepth scale.

Seedpod - HC Gardens

Our eyes sense the reflected wavelenghts of light and perceive them as colour. Objects reflect and absorb these wavelengths. Today's design in colour exploration of shaded white studies whites that are simple and beautiful in faded forms. Whites that are also contrasty for being both highlighted, and cast in long shadows by Winter's low light - and whites that are warm and bright when reflected, refracted or absorbed by metals.

Blind - Anish Kapoor

Ibiza Formentera

Land art - Henrique Oliveira

Lost&found - HC Gardens

Chair - Daniel Wildrig

Architecture - Jurgen Mayer-Hermann

Display - Hannah Lemholt

Land art - T Soekmin Ko

Couture - Stephane Rolland

Anish Kapoor

Couture - Iris van Herpen

Sculptures - Anish Kapoor

Land art - Richard Long

Outside in installation - Richard Long

Land art - Anish Kapoor

Land art - Karin van der Molen

Turning the world inside out series - Anish Kapoor

Rhinestones Tea Lights - Teri

Styling - Doswell & McLean

Vanilla Moon - Doshi Levien for Haagen Dazs

"White is the combination of all colours and the indicator of light and brightness, with powerful connotations to all of our rites of passage."

Interiors - Rose Cottage

Paint - Shaded White 201 - Farrow & Ball

Front of house - exterior paint studies - The Paper Mulberry, Country Living by Glenda Steel

Land art light installation - Bruce Munro

Seed Clouds lighting - Ochre

'The beginning and the end' - Sherwin James

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Copper orange

Friday, September 26, 2014 - 07:43

Well hello Autumn! Today has been incredibly beautiful here with sunshine and a breeze, and the leaves are starting to turn and tumble. In celebration of Autumn today we are bringing you a design in colour exploration of coppery tones. From the glimmering of copper metallics all the way through to burnt orange and rust... today is all about the trending copper oranges

Also read our two page article all about bringing the glamour of metallics and coppery colours into gardens, and Autumn garden styling in the Oxford Times Homes & Gardens this week - with Liz Nicholls.

So here we go...

spot the gecko

This was our favourite design in colour exploration so far. If you subscribe or know our work that wont surprise you at all! We love Autumn and always design gardens and landscapes to come alive at a time when many others fade... and then beyond...

The next design in colour exploration is Winter inspired. 

Copper orange Source book: Pinterest,, Homes & Gardens,, Hendy Curzon Gardens Ltd (multi),, Alexander McQueen, Barry Underwood, houzz, Antony Gormley

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