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Eye candy

Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 16:56

Welcome to the first post of 2013. Happy New Year. Now that the festivities have ended and the greyness of January descends we are going to be focusing on colour here.

All month we hope to lift your spirits by drawing inspiration from the wider landscapes around the globe, and by discussing methods of colour blocking in your garden.

Before you know it Spring will be emerging and until then we hope to help you to look forward to the possibilities for your garden in 2013. We will be looking at winter gardens

and how we design all of our projects to look good in these bleak months (and that includes the importance of the absence of colour for a period of time), but until it snows in the UK and settles, we are all about the colour here for the beginnings of 2013.

We are just bursting with ideas.

And no, we don’t mean Willy Wonka inspired chocolate lakes or ponds

but we do like to be influenced by naturally occurring landscapes alongside illustrious artists offering the extraordinary and the sublime.

-Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland series expands and goes from strength to strength. For more see the link in the Eye candy Source Book below -

So with that said what will 2013 spell for us and our clients?

All 2012 projects come in to their own for our clients with many surprises in store. All will be monitored and photographed Winter, Spring and onwards through the seasons this year and be shared to the online portfolio.

We continue to build and plant a diverse range of confirmed projects – no two gardens or landscapes are ever the same – and this year’s HC Gardens designs are testament to that.

Alongside these projects we are designing and building one of the main show gardens at the Blenheim Palace Flower Show in June. Overall we just continue to look forward to the untold twists and turns and the challenges that another year will inevitably bring. So here’s to a bright, outwards outlook for gardens in 2013.

candy colours

think pink

- the unexplained Tree Hillier pink Lake, Australia -

seeing red

- Red Ribbon Tanghe River Park, China -

-Strawberry fields Forever by Anibal -

The Eye candy Source Book: Neofundi, Campuri de orez terasate, Deviant art, The Clever Sheep, Hendy Curzon Gardens Ltd., Mago Korokenchiku, BBC News, Lonely Planet, The Independent, Richard Moss, The fifth corner, Fennel & Fern, 8tracks, Victoria Johns, Addacover, Aniabal, Kirsty Mitchell for more click here - Wonderland

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it will be all light on the night

Friday, December 7, 2012 - 17:04

Welcome to our first festive blog. To kick off the season we are quite simply bringing you some inspirational exterior lighting installations. Prepare to be dazzled.

so all the shopping trolleys didn't end up in the lake then

nice to recycle

oh to go inside one of these amazing installations...

or to be one

Next week: a very merry blog indeed.

We have got some very big festive Front of House styling inspirations to share with you including our own...

(not really. We will practice restraint and good taste at all times)

Pop back to get all your home front Christmas styling inspirations here.

Home time. Happy Friday!

it will be all light on the night Sourcebook: Christmas-tree, Koelberl-Doeringer51, Schneekirche snow church, Snow-church-lead, Tree-WH, Shopping-cart-holiday-tree, Newyork Christmas, Inhabitat MK-illumination-warmwhitetree, pinterest, Digital-origami-in-la-rinascente, Christmas-reindeer, Pac Man, Plasmamania, The Times, Disney Paris, The Mail.



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Autumn falls

Sunday, December 2, 2012 - 17:34

As Autumn takes its leave we take a look at a few events of the season.

This year brought us phenomenal colours...

-Central Park-

and then 36 Spitfires were finally found in the Burmese jungle promising to change our skyscapes forever.

"Dozens of historic spitfires set to be dug up after they were discovered buried in the Burmese jungle could be flying again within three years, according to the man who spent 16 years searching for the planes. British farmer David Cundall, 62, spent over a decade and more than £130,000 of his own money working to track down the aircraft, after being told by a group of U.S. veterans they were buried there at the end of the Second World War. In January archaeologists will begin digging for the planes so they can be painstakingly packaged up and transported back to the UK for restoration, and Mr Cundall has said he believes the spitfires - which have been underground for 67 years - will take to the skies once more." For more on this extraordinary story go to the Mail online.    


Then the sky fell and so came the floods here in the UK

Whilst over in the USA the Macy's parade kicked off the season and filled the skylines with wonderous and surreal displays giving a whole new meaning to the concept of floats.

but apparently the confetti that rained down on the crowds were made from shredded police files containing sensitive information including crime reports, addresses and social security numbers.

oh the shame...

So as the November colours faded

and the 1st of December brought with it Jack Frost

we say move over Autumn, it's time for Christmas...

We have some festive surprises this season having found lots more external art, gardens, designs and landscapes from around the globe to inspire us all. We hope you'll enjoy the journey!


Autumn falls Sourcebook: National Geographic, the Mail, The Telegraph, The Times, Hendy Curzon Gardens, London Bookbinders, Vermont Maple. 



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if you go down to the woods today...

Monday, November 19, 2012 - 18:02

Since subscription began for this blog almost a year ago we have featured a lot of trees...

and throughout our projects we have planted many, many this year

in all sorts of shapes, sizes and volumes

and watched them grow

throughout the seasons...

marvelled at their winter beauty

and rejoiced after the thaw and when spring came again.

and here on the blog we have been inspired by and talked about weird and wonderful trees from around the world all year. From pencil trees

to umbrella trees

bats in trees

unexplained trees

pumpkin trees

men disguised as trees

heart shaped trees

cute dogs in trees

skyscraper trees

helmet trees

and where other trees would not grow... lego trees

but best of all (well our favourite) were the blue trees...

and where there is a blue tree there must be a blue tree python...

So although we will never stop our pursuit of the sublime, we are going to round up our recent tree finds here followed by some extraordinary treehouses. What would be your style?

arguably one of the nicest places to go to school...

The Fuji Japanese Kindergarten circles around a mythical tree. Designed by Yul & Takaharu Tezuka

on a final note we would like to share this tree sculpture from China with you

100 trees a day are felled in China in order to meet the demand for chopsticks. This tree, made of 30,000 disposed chopsticks was deliberately broken to make the point and reusable chopsticks were readily given away near to the slain tree.

Next week we have one more autumnal blog and then get set because we are going to get mighty Christmasy over here from then after.

Trees & Treehouses SourceBook: Crystal-treehouse-,Cloudhands , Crystal-treehouse, Hendy Curzon Gardens Ltd,

Dartmoor-treehouse-jerry-tate-architects, Crooked brian

Jaakko-pernu-tree-branches-public-sculptures, Dragons blood tree

Janez Breznik, Dave Rittinger, Lui Bolin, Marianne Kjolner , London-fieldworks

Nendo-bird_apartment,New york times Suquatra, The mushroom kingdom, Patrick-dougherty-art-made-of-living-trees,Pixel birdhouses sprout on London capital trees,

Ring-around-a-tree-kindergarten Tekuza-architects-fuji-kindergarten,

Takasugi-an tea house Chino Japan, The-birds-nest Sweden, The-birds-nest-inrednin

Treehotel-mirrorcube-treehouse, Under-heaven-by-leonard-van-munster

Yellow-treehouse-restaurant New Zealand


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The Dog Blog

Friday, November 9, 2012 - 12:21

One of the greatest pleasures this season is to see our dogs romping through fallen leaves, diving in clusters of them and just generally enjoying the crunchiness of Autumn under their paws. It's a universal joy. We are all quite partial to our collective pets over here so we apologise in advance... if you don't like dogs this blog won't be for you!

ahhh... not funny -

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